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XP Screenshot: Memorizer


     Memorizer is a Clipboard Manager for Windows. Memorizer monitors all operations with clipboard and stores all data that is copied to the clipboard making it available for later use. Now clipboard can store not only a single piece of data but any number of them, with Memorizer your clipboard becomes a very convenient tool!

Memorizer works with all types of clipboard data including text, bitmaps, vector graphics, OLE-objects, etc. Moreover with Memorizer you can easily edit or preview any piece of stored data at any time.

One of the most outstanding feature of Memorizer is that using innovative technique to operate with clipboard it does not hang even if some buggy application damages the clipboard chain. Moreover Memorizer correctly works with very large amounts of clipboard data, it does not cause an access violation error in the source application.

Summarize these features with an auto-paste, configurable color themes, menu fonts, etc. and you will get a brief picture of Memorizer! See screenshots for details.

Last available: Version 5.5 eXP (1-Oct-2003)

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XP Screenshot: Recognizer


     Recognizer is an intelligent tool based on script recognition and learning automata that introduces an innovative way of interaction with computer. It allows you to launch applications, execute commands and control your system with written scripts.

Recognizer 1.0 is under alpha testing now.

AY Labs plans to release Recognizer 1.0 in November 2005.

To be available soon.

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